Extill 14



Born with a Character

EXTILL is blessed with flora & fauna of its Terroir , which further adds to a distinctive character which separates EXTILL from the rest. Till date Vodka , was a synonym for throat burning ethyl alcohol majorly preferred to be used in cocktail or to be mixed with aerated soft drinks because it dose not have any taste , and surprisingly its is marketed as Super Premium, Luxury , Limited Edition vodka because there is no guidelines from their local authority , interestingly most of the vodka producers don’t even know themselves what their vodka is made of , how many ingredients or where all the ingredients have been sourced from.

Limited Edition is Our Standard.

Made with rare Organic Dankowskie rye buried under the snow for more than 80 days , this very rare luxury & only ingredient in EXTILL is very limited, and comes from a Single Estate which is fed by natural glacial lakes , located at extremely snowy part of Poland .Limited edition is in the genes of EXTILL, but we don’t want to brag/shout about it on our label , because this is the normal standard for us.

No story

Unlike other brands we have no story to tell you , because we do not make stories , but we would like to submit the facts & factors involved in the making of EXTILL and why it’s the only Luxury vodka of its own kind.